Wednesday, October 20, 2010

India's got style !

So.. I've decided to put up different, New looks every time I'm free... Its about time I display how the locals in India dress - parties, street, or whatever kinds of looks I manage to find ! Anyone who's interested can mail me their look along with details about where the garments, accessories, shoes etc are from and whichever I like best will go up on my blog immediately ! You can send in as many pics as you like.. but just make sure its a solo picture and the garments must be clearly visible ! 

Here's my very first LOOK ! 


Photo courtesy : Ananya Kewalramani, student
Dress : Forever 21
Shoes : Charles & Keith 


Faboulista said...

wow the dress is very pretty. the print is stunning and so are u.

Heta Bhuta said...

Haha !! Thank u !! That is not me though.. I don't put up my own pics.. its a little project m doing to display India's style ! :) Its a friend and yes both the dress and her are stunning :)
Thanks for the comment :)


lady sélénite said...

Beautiful dress, I love the pattern !

Heta Bhuta said...

Thank u lady selenite !
U have a lovely blog ! :)

Best regards,

Jenni Wells said...

I've always wanted to visit India and hope to do that in the next few years. Everything from the fashion, culture, food.... it's all so interesting to me. LOVE your blog

Heta Bhuta said...

Hi Jenni thank u for ur comment :) N yes please do visit India soon.. m sure u will luv it :)

Best regds,