Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!! (In case any1 reads this blog at all!!)
Anyway... little late for new yrs.. not tht it matters!!
As you guys already knw.. m not an avid blogger!! I sit for hours and hours on the net researching, reading, trend spotting, reading zillion blogs... just hvnt gotten down to writing my own in a while!!!

So here goes nothing AGAIN!!

Well I've always been a fan of literature and languages.. if its possible I'd learn all the languages of the world(ha!) The entire concept of literature, Shakespeare plays, stories, dramas, poems has amused me right from school!! (No wonder i scored a 94 in English + topped in Art but got a 60 in MATH!!! :P) I am just not the type who'd pour the entire dictionary into all my posts/articles w/e! (again probably coz i dont KNOW the entire dictionary.. will be stealing word boxes from 'GRE' people soon!) I guess I am more of a STYLING person!! Normal people breathe, eat and sleep... whereas I, Heta Bhuta, am constantly thinking about what top will match what bottom, making mental notes about how the person could have dressed 'differently'(better!), criticizing people's clothing(in my mind obvsly!) sometimes...often.. mostly!!(even though I, myself, may be dressed like a pumpkin, it makes a difference when people around me are dressed badly!!! I get nightmares about it!)

Anyway, I basically ENJOY working with themes, planning creative stuff, conceptualizing!! So when I found out about "Star World Betty Of Elle Contest" I obviously had to take part!! I eat, drink and breathe fashion!! An internship at awesome magazines like Elle, Vogue, Grazia, Harpers etc is obviously like living my childhood dream!! I read a lot of blogs about interns "slogging" at fashion magazines!! But how can it possibly be "slogging" when you're living your dream!! I would undoubtedly enjoy every single second of it!! (AND boast about it!! Big HA!) I have soooo many ideas about styling shoots - themes, concepts, colours, backgrounds, locations, picking out clothes(from street to designer wear), mixing and matching and soo much more!! Styling has been my passion since school! Theres a reason why I went through 3 years of BSc. in Fashion at SNDT, Santacruz!!

So heres me, looking forward to styling for magazines/movies/any form of styling some day!! Hoping for the awesomest future ever!! God be with me!

Till next time!