Monday, June 28, 2010

Adam & Eve

So.. my internship's going pretty well... learning quite a few things... at the moment I'm at work and pretty jobless for the time being(no it does not happen everyday!! I have a lottt of work on regular days!)... so here's another random thought I had in the train the other day (yes I traveled by Indian Local Train after ages and yes it was scary!!)

A few days back I was watching one of my favorite movies - Before Sunset (Anyone who hasn't seen this.. MUST WATCH NOW!! ) Its a story of two strangers in a foreign land exploring the place and enjoying the day with each other and talking about a million topics all of which I can talk about for hours !!

One of the topics in the movie included something about all of us being a part of 1 single soul... something I have been thinking about in periodic philosophical moments. So the other day while I was in the train.. my brain had nothing better to do.. I ended up noticing everybody in my compartment -eyes, nose, smile, face structure (some may have even thought I was gay 'coz I was staring so much..:S ) Anyway.. Its so weird how you can classify the face types - big nose, small nose, square face, round face, big eyes, hardly any eyes, big lips, small lips etc and then theres the 'medium'. There is beautiful and theres ugly and theres 'hmm..common' (again this depends on different perspectives)

So thats when I remembered the movie and thought well maybe all of us are a million pieces of one special soul... Each of us resemble someone or the other.. My eyes may look like someone else's , my lips may resemble someone else... So in some way or the other all of us are somehow connected...

Thats when this theory struck me!!
God divided 1 soul into two parts... Adam and Eve...

Eve was the pretty damsel, perfect features, perfect body, perfect hair, everything "perfect and pretty"

Whereas Adam was the ugly guy - probably fat, with bulgy eyes, rashes, broken or twisted teeth, with a big beard and everything ugly

They fell in love... coz they didn't have a choice (!!) and had kids - the pretty ones, the ugly ones and the "middle" ones... and probably the world expanded thus.
This again raises another pile of philosophical questions.. who was the good and who was the evil? How did all of that start?? Was Eve the snobbish evil bitch and Adam the poor fat aimless guy? Or was Adam the gigantic evil man who ruled over his petite innocent princess? :S

Why is pretty and ugly predefined ? Who decides this? Why can't tall and fat be the in thing? Why can't 'black' be the hottest skin color on everyone's list? Whats with the pretty/ugly/normal discrimination?

Hmm... so that was the pondering brain of a jobless woman who should now really shut up and get back to work... so until next time!!



P.s- Before Sunrise has a sequel before sunset... which they shot with the same cast literally after 10 years.. also really awesome!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Latest finds

My awesome owl necklace!! The moment I se my eyes on it I knew it belonged to me!

And this genuine leather butterfly laptop bag... I want it so much for my new Mac but unfortunately it costs Rs. 5,400 *shattering heart* If anyone's willing to gift it to me.. u can find it at the store "Taxxi and Vitamin K" at Bandra, Linking road, next to Mango... *sigh*

Anyway, so i finally start my first round of internship at an export house called Vaishali Garments Pvt. Ltd. ( will be working with the creative head of the company... merchandising, styling etc... starts tomorrow... 22nd june 2010... marking the beginning of my hunt for the career that was meant for me... Need all the luck in the world!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

MJ Photoshoot!!

Finally got down to editing the pictures of MJ Shoot!! It was a low low budget shoot + am just an amateur so please forgive any faux pas! The garments are up for sale!
(Might wanna click on the images for larger view!!)

Garments by H+I (Heta Bhuta and Ishani Tolia)

Models: Irfan Fafoo, Bijal Sharma, Katrina
Make up: Shraddha Lotlikar
Photography: Again, Vidhi Doshi, my luv!!
Styling: H+I
Photo-editing: Heta Bhuta


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pirate of the Indian Ocean ;)

Another shoot... helped a friend with styling for a college project...comments are welcome!!

Phototgraphy : Vidhi Doshi
Make up : Vidhi Doshi and Heta Bhuta
Styling : Ishani Tolia and Heta Bhuta
Photot editing : Heta Bhuta

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Sooo!!! After a long long wait "Sex and the City 2" released!! The most awaited movie of the year!! I went to watch the movie with my girls - high expectations, excitement, in spite of bad reviews I knew I could watch it on mute only because its SEX AND THE CITY!!
Half an hour into the movie and my dreams were shattered!!

Beginning with the story... RUBBISH!!! For the first 2 hours I kept waiting for something to happen... everything HAPPENED in the last half hour. No sex (since the Indian Censor Board practically cut out half the movie), No City (why the desert and sand and sand and sand?) I even yawned in the middle of the movie... in the middle of SATC!!

Carrie - If my husband gave me a black diamond solitaire for every guy i kissed, I would have covered half the world by now....what was that about? seriously??
Samantha - U know you are in Abu Dhabi, you can see they take offense if u try to seduce your male counterpart in public, you both stay in the same hotel, GET A ROOM! why the beach? why?
Charlotte - If you have a bra-less nanny and your husband's sprinkling water on her white t-shirt... GET ANOTHER NANNY!
Miranda - Hmm didn't really notice you much in the movie except a few nice dresses here and there..

Acting - SJP why why why were you so over excited to be in the sequel? Why were you hopping around like a new born bunny? And why in the name of God were your breasts pushed up so much through out the movie and shoved right into our faces? why??

Now, the fashion...
DISAPPOINTMENT!! Sex and the City 1 was heaven compared to this one... sorry but who can help comparing? SATC2 did not have one dress or accessory at which my heart jumped!! Except for the Christian Loubotin golden sparkle pumps.. I felt so let down... could have done so much better... But not entirely Patricia Field's fault... she did what the movie required... Never mind...

Heres a look at some of the garments:

Halston Heritage dress by Neiman Marcus along with a Chiristian Loubotin shoes, which I love, a Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace, Aviator and a Chanel clutch.

Emilio Pucci gown. I like. Those glasses!! I want!!!

Dress, Halston. Bag, Christian Loubotin. Pumps, Christian Loubotin. Orange Aviators, Ray Ban. Cuff, Amrita Singh. Jennifer Zeuner Clover Necklae.

Kim Catrall and Miley Cyrus in the same dress. Dress, thumbs up. But did those hideous shoes come with the dress? Miley, halloween's over, those horrendous spikes need to go, now!
I luv Kim's necklace though.

On Miranda - Bottega Veneta Dress. On Samantha - a dress by Patricia Fields, Very very sexy! On Charlotte - Dior all the way!

Like only what Carrie's wearing. Rest scares me!

SJP!!! How could you even agree to wear THAT!! The PANTS!! *Barf* need fresh air NOW NOW NOW

Back to the 80s ?? I like. Especially Samantha! Love that confidence!

And finally, the John Galliano for Dior newspaper print dress from his Fall 2000 collection... Some things are best left in the past... Sure newspaper prints rocked back then... no matter how much even SATC tries, it cannot hope to revive this!! Today, it is simply HIDEOUS!! Sorry SJP!

So thats about SATC2... I apologize for any kind of offense but I had extremely high hopes from this movie... Overall, apart from a few dresses and the golden sparkle shoes, its a thumbs down.



Guess whoz back!!

So... i finally graduated!! I officially hold a degree in fashion!! I have been on a loonngg loonngg break since my exams got over!! Its been about a month and half n i've literally done NOTHING during this period!! Been dealing with the following issues:

1) London or no london... since i got admission in LCF... (finally no london..still unsure about what i want in life so decided to take a year off)

2) Internship or no internship... no london now so obviously going try out different jobs at different places n see what i like best... since i m so confused in life and still have no idea what i really want...

3) Relationships, boyfriends, best friends - issues!! ... takes a toll on u... i fancied working my ass off in college to this.. at the moment i m the official problem solver... since i m so jobless..

4) Trip or no trip.. international, domestic, weekend... finally NOTHING :@ Its really frustrating when plans are canned...

5) Joined dance class finally!!!! Learning how to jive and salsa!!

6) 8th june - my birthday!! A disastrous day(surprise-wise and problem solving-wise)!! I finally turned 21... again, unfortunately the evil joined forces to ruin it...
But on the brighter side... b'day gifts!! - Macbook!! :)

- Marks & Spencer swimming costume :)

- a Cheque of 21 k !! :) - 2 rings, 1 silver n pearl the other gold, topaz and diamonds!! :)

- AND an original JOHN GALLIANO top!! :) :) :)

B'day party was at AER, Four Seasons... Anyone who hasn't gone here must.. IMMEDIATELY!! Its the highest rooftop bar of Mumbai with an exceptional view of the city!! The drinks are super expensive but totally worth it!!

So well... here i am now... 1 n half months into my joblessness... trying to bring creativity and inspiration back to my life!!! What better place to start than my own blog?! Will hopefully blog more often now...!!