Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guess whoz back!!

So... i finally graduated!! I officially hold a degree in fashion!! I have been on a loonngg loonngg break since my exams got over!! Its been about a month and half n i've literally done NOTHING during this period!! Been dealing with the following issues:

1) London or no london... since i got admission in LCF... (finally no london..still unsure about what i want in life so decided to take a year off)

2) Internship or no internship... no london now so obviously going try out different jobs at different places n see what i like best... since i m so confused in life and still have no idea what i really want...

3) Relationships, boyfriends, best friends - issues!! ... takes a toll on u... i fancied working my ass off in college to this.. at the moment i m the official problem solver... since i m so jobless..

4) Trip or no trip.. international, domestic, weekend... finally NOTHING :@ Its really frustrating when plans are canned...

5) Joined dance class finally!!!! Learning how to jive and salsa!!

6) 8th june - my birthday!! A disastrous day(surprise-wise and problem solving-wise)!! I finally turned 21... again, unfortunately the evil joined forces to ruin it...
But on the brighter side... b'day gifts!! - Macbook!! :)

- Marks & Spencer swimming costume :)

- a Cheque of 21 k !! :) - 2 rings, 1 silver n pearl the other gold, topaz and diamonds!! :)

- AND an original JOHN GALLIANO top!! :) :) :)

B'day party was at AER, Four Seasons... Anyone who hasn't gone here must.. IMMEDIATELY!! Its the highest rooftop bar of Mumbai with an exceptional view of the city!! The drinks are super expensive but totally worth it!!

So well... here i am now... 1 n half months into my joblessness... trying to bring creativity and inspiration back to my life!!! What better place to start than my own blog?! Will hopefully blog more often now...!!

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Nik said...

Hey! be positive. life is like that. i have gone through all of it and i know 1 thing for sure that i wud like to share wid u "when things get tougher, tough gets goin!!!"