Saturday, March 6, 2010


H+I once again!! (yes, we luv tres mode!)

Finally after 3 months of extreme hard work, sleepless nights - stressful days... my very first Fashion Show happened!! SHALOM! The S.N.D.T. fashion show!! My graduating show!! We had to work in pairs - obviously my soul mate Ishani & me worked together!! Our theme "THIS IS IT" was inspired by the legend, the King of Pop - Michael Jackson!

This Is It. Eight letters, Three words, One moment. Where the heart stops and expression takes over. Months of work, millions of thoughts, sweat, tears, blood and genius, all labor to produce that one moment where time stands still and the things that really matter take center stage.

Michael Joseph Jackson has reigned the world of music, dance and fashion right from the dazzling Sixties till his untimely death. Michael Jackson’s life generated controversy for years. It was a roller coaster of pain and bliss. The glossy glamour, the riches, his assets, his dream house – ‘Neverland Ranch’ and a wardrobe full of shimmering costumes did nothing to hide the internal despair that imprisoned his heart since childhood. A blotched past of brutal father, incessant name calling, and physical and emotional abuse engendered an endless ocean of grief. Lack of self-confidence led him to change his appearances several times. Music was his only escape from his sorrow. He lived in his own reality – indirect attempt to salvage his childhood. This reflected in his dramatic music videos, magnificent concerts, revered home and opulent dressing.

A sensitive, kind-hearted spirit mirrored the existence of Michael Jackson. He was a notable philanthropist and humanitarian acknowledged for significant donations. He cared excessively for nature, children and all of humanity. Our inspiration lies in the depths of his life – the highs and the lows – the glamour as well as the anguish.

In spite of the witch hunt, the allegations and the manipulations his genius will remain undiminished and untarnished. This is a celebration of just that. Just him. Just his music. As we stand on the threshold of our graduation, none other could ever inspire our emotions more aptly. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS IT. For us as it was for HIM!

Our illustration- though we changed a few things.. ( notice the back of the jumpsuit?)

Images of the Show:

At the entrance

Starting our show with a 30 second tribute to MJ dance!! <3>

Bondage pants roared on the ramp!!! :)

Inspired by the iconic "Thriller" jacket!!

Since he wore a lot of military jackets etc.. we made a RTW military T-Shirt!

Luv the shorts n pleated pants!

The dress that gave us a lotta truoble!! But worth the effort! A backless electric blue dress with zipper detailing(zipper lace! those aren't real zippers... cost effective, eh?)

The red jacket(abv) as well as the gold military inspired jackets with digitally printed lining. The print developed by us includes MJ's face, flowers, nature, animals, a monkey - displaying his glamorous life on the outside but caring & sensitive half on the inside!

The black bondage corset ! N the "Remember the time" video - Egyptian skirt inspired skirt!

The White Jumpsuit!!! The back is transparent - net with MJ's face embroidered on it! Unfortunately, model, Aanchal Kumar forgot to pull her hair ahead while turning around so it didn't show on the ramp :(


Ishani Tolia, Our hot model Romeo - who, btw, moonwalked on the ramp !!!
My stupid(but hot!) dress riding up!! Made me a teeny-weeny bit uncomfortable!

Nonetheless, MJ RULES!!

(P.S - Notice our MJ wigs, iconic sequined glove, studded leg warmers, booties n belts? Sweet eh? )


Special thanks to Vidhi Doshi, Shraddha Bagrodia, Roshni Ajani & Neeraj Parekh for helping us out and giving feedback, inputs, criticism etc! Luv u guys! Especially Vidhi for ur brilliant photography skills!! :P
+ Divye Doshi for exceptional cutting, sticking and coloring!!

Also, our parents obviously for all the money, getting doses of our stress, n just for being there!
And of course! Our tailors!!

NO thanks to 'something special' coz the owner's really rude! in spite of us going there every single day!! "Atiti devo bhava!" heard of it Mr Owner of Something Special? :@

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