Sunday, January 9, 2011

Emmanuelle Alt

Its official ! It has been announced that Emmanuelle Alt will succeed Carine Roitfeld as the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris. For the past ten years, Alt has worked as the Fashion Director of Vogue Paris. She previously worked at French Elleand freelanced for several French women's magazines before landing the role of fashion editor at the magazine 20 ans in 1993.

In 1998, she joined the magazine Mixte before departing for Vogue Paris in 2000. Since then she has been responsible for churning out some of the most interesting fashion shoots. 
"Alt's editorials have the common element of women presented in strong poses," said 212DressingRoom's Janet Spicer
She has also been a favourite among the street bloggers and fashion weeks for her strikingly edgy style. Her androgynous sense of dressing oozes power and confidence. 

                                                             Photographs courtesy : Google

But again, Carine Roitfeld's heels are too high to fill in... Will Alt succeed? Only time will tell...
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