Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sony Vaio Ad Campaign 2011

Ladies and gentlemen.. Here's presenting my biggest styling project so far! The 2011 Sony Vaio laptop ad campaign with Kareena Kapoor! Check out the behind the scenes images from the print + TVC campaigns. :)

And here's the TV commercial <3 

The Making:
Pause at 0:15 and 0:35 to catch a glimpse of 'moi' :) 

Yes, I am awesome! I was born with it!  
Special thanks to Kavita Lakhani, Consulting Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar, India, for giving me this amazing opportunity. I wil never forget this! :) 

Additional images off the net: 

P.s- I have news! For anyone who gives a damn. But will keep that for next time :) Aaah... this is when the happy period starts! <3 

Until next time, 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

FHM India June 2011

Tadaaa!!! The FHM June 2011 issue is out!! 
Styled by Heta Bhuta and Shweta Shetty

Left:Dress-Gavin Miguel, Right: Red dress-Ramona
Photo courtesy: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1700786

Following is the tragic story of a beginner in the industry.

We were warned nearly ten days in advance about the cover story for FHM India with bollywood celebrity, Katrina Kaif. For someone who’s just set foot in the industry, presented with this shoot on a silver platter and promising credits in the magazine, was like being jolted up to cloud nine and bathing in a cascade of beer! Or something like that.

My colleague Shweta and I immediately started work according to the brief. The brief was short and simple – short, sexy glamorous dresses and gowns. Equipped with the power of internet, brawn of fashion and crave for perfection we stepped into the field, determined to deliver our best. Emails were sent out to Indian and international designers, selections were made from stores and boutiques, finest jewellery and shoes were picked out to go with the stunning outfits. Parcels started pouring in from all over India, Milan, Paris and all the heavens of fashion.

This shoot was our baby and like proud mothers we watched it grow. A day before the shoot we were invited to Katrina’s abode for trials. She personally appreciated our arrangement but insisted that the editor and she had a different discussion about the brief, that none of us, including her manager were aware of. Just to make sure nothing goes wrong, in spite of full preparation, we did our share of last minute running around the city to dig up some more options. By midnight our looks were set, the garments, shoes and accessories were matched perfectly.

The day of the shoot arrived. We meticulously set up the changing room; color co-ordinated line up of our selected looks. Thrilled to show off our composition we awaited the panel. One by one the glitterati appeared. The biggest photographer, most celebrated make-up artist, editorial team and Katrina Kaif, all engrossed in a discussion with us! After trying on various outfits, the first shot was chosen. The editor still seemed hesitant and insisted we bring in plain white shirt options, belts and skirts. Mind you, absolutely contradicting our previous – short, sexy glamorous dresses brief! To ensure the shoot goes smooth we ran around the city while the first shot was on begging and pleading brands and designers, even the smaller Bandra stores to give us white shirts and belts; promising a feature of the brand on the cover.

Two additional hours of blood and sweat and we were back with a bang! Our bang was gagged almost immediately when nobody even remotely glanced at our white treasure and changed the brief once again. This time around garments were summoned from the celeb’s wardrobe. New trials took place once again!

Finally, the shoot ended with a delighted editor, a bored celeb, an aloof photographer and exhausted stylists. Out of everything we brought in only two garments were shot. No jewellery, no shoes, no nothing! For the cover Katrina wore denim shorts and a cropped top –something that can be sourced within an hour. All our labor went in vain. But at least we had the comfort of exhibiting our name in print. Alas, the issue is out and absolutely no styling credit mentioned in the story. A couple of phone calls and half a month later we still await justice.

No doubt Katrina looks stunning on the cover but lets face it aren't the last two dresses gorgeous? Non-biased opinions are welcome. 


Hoping for the best next time around...

Till then,


Friday, April 15, 2011

This month...I'm SHINING!

So, I've worked with two top magazines - Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, India. The pride of seeing your name in print is unparalleled. Like they say, hard work always pays off. :)     





Super Excited,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Transition

So, I have been away for a while... a lottt of things have happened... My poem below will hopefully describe the story of my life... I am writing after a very very long time. Pardon my grammar please..

She hopped and she skipped,
Twirled with joy,
Without a care she walked the ramp

She was confused, muddled,
Had no outlined path,
It didn’t really matter because she was fine

It came like the breeze,
Humming to her,
She shed her skin to embrace and trust

The cocoon enveloped her heart so tight,
An oath, a bond,
So eternal, a kin of soul

She knew she was secure,
The shield had charmed her,
It guarded her within, it loved her

Inside her private shell,
She believed she could wail,
Dance like wild fire and they would still be there

She could be herself,
Nobody would judge,
Little did she know it was all pretense

The cocoon strived to tame her,
Help, soothe and ease her,
It did plenty good; no doubt, she gave it all her love

It made her believe, it made her trust,
She let her guard down,
She was convinced she could fly

Like a shot the cocoon dropped to the ground,
It cracked,
It shed the first chip

Blinding light came pouring in,
She fluttered and flapped,
She couldn’t see a thing

She screamed and howled,
In agony,
So afraid, she held the other pieces stiff

One at a time, the pieces shattered,
She scrambled, she fought,
To hold them together

“I can’t let go”, she begged,
“I am not ready for this yet”
“What have I done wrong? I can mend it all!”

She apologized and pleaded,
But the shell broke her trust,
She was torn apart, “how could you be so selfish? I gave it my all and yet you defy!”

Her attempts to aid the pieces,
Shot her in her face,
“Mind your own business”, they retaliated together

It was time to let go of the last piece,
She held him close to her heart and kissed him goodbye
She had done all she could, there was nothing left to mend

Alone and helpless she strolled in the darkness,
So confused again, but it dawned upon her,
At least she didn’t pretend, she had the courage to be true to herself!

The sunlight shone upon her isolation,
But suddenly she realized,
She could fly!

There emerged the butterfly,
With her bright new wings,
A newfound courage, a serene peace

“Maybe I needed this,
To learn to not depend,
Thank you for leaving me

I know now where to head,
I will fly so high, with a smile plastered on my face,
You will yearn for me, I will not return

I will touch the skies, and kiss the sun,
I will twinkle like a star,
I know what I deserve

This transition has been a wonderful journey,
It will stay with me forever,
I thank you for everything, I have truly evolved

Would never have been possible without all of you,
I believe in me, I don’t claim to be sorted,
I can face it all and still not lose myself

It hurts me to say goodbye,
But it was meant to be,
I hope we can be together someday when you find your way to me

Until then I will live,
I will succeed,
With a smile plastered on my face.”



P.s- u can read my previous poem here ... yes i write poems... when i really feel deeply about something.. some of them are too personal to publish.. anyway see you next time..

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kalaghoda 2011

Sunday, I went to the most awaited art festival of Mumbai - the Kalaghoda Art Festival. Its a 9 day long festival where artists, artisans, craftsmen, musicians, dancers, actors, authors, photographers, sculptors, etc come under one roof to parade their skills. It is a platform for new talent. A myriad of workshops are held in and around the festival, by the professionals of the industry, to help budding talent. The avalanche of creativity during this festival is truly phenomenal. Especially the gigantic art installations by various artists are always a treat to the naked eye. Here is a glimpse of the festival. Be there to believe it!

Kalaghoda : Literally The Black Horse

Kalaghoda festival also summons various forms of fashion. A major part of it being Hippie ! 

Spotted: Sonu of Fashion Bombay 
(Unfortunately some of the photographs aren't very clear since they were clicked from by Blackberry)
(Photos by: Heta Bhuta, Vidhi Doshi, Ishani Tolia)

Personally, I liked the festival better last year - the stalls as well as the installations. But for those who haven't been there yet, its definitely worth your while! 

For more information log on to www.kalaghodaassociation.com 

Enjoy the fest!