Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Transition

So, I have been away for a while... a lottt of things have happened... My poem below will hopefully describe the story of my life... I am writing after a very very long time. Pardon my grammar please..

She hopped and she skipped,
Twirled with joy,
Without a care she walked the ramp

She was confused, muddled,
Had no outlined path,
It didn’t really matter because she was fine

It came like the breeze,
Humming to her,
She shed her skin to embrace and trust

The cocoon enveloped her heart so tight,
An oath, a bond,
So eternal, a kin of soul

She knew she was secure,
The shield had charmed her,
It guarded her within, it loved her

Inside her private shell,
She believed she could wail,
Dance like wild fire and they would still be there

She could be herself,
Nobody would judge,
Little did she know it was all pretense

The cocoon strived to tame her,
Help, soothe and ease her,
It did plenty good; no doubt, she gave it all her love

It made her believe, it made her trust,
She let her guard down,
She was convinced she could fly

Like a shot the cocoon dropped to the ground,
It cracked,
It shed the first chip

Blinding light came pouring in,
She fluttered and flapped,
She couldn’t see a thing

She screamed and howled,
In agony,
So afraid, she held the other pieces stiff

One at a time, the pieces shattered,
She scrambled, she fought,
To hold them together

“I can’t let go”, she begged,
“I am not ready for this yet”
“What have I done wrong? I can mend it all!”

She apologized and pleaded,
But the shell broke her trust,
She was torn apart, “how could you be so selfish? I gave it my all and yet you defy!”

Her attempts to aid the pieces,
Shot her in her face,
“Mind your own business”, they retaliated together

It was time to let go of the last piece,
She held him close to her heart and kissed him goodbye
She had done all she could, there was nothing left to mend

Alone and helpless she strolled in the darkness,
So confused again, but it dawned upon her,
At least she didn’t pretend, she had the courage to be true to herself!

The sunlight shone upon her isolation,
But suddenly she realized,
She could fly!

There emerged the butterfly,
With her bright new wings,
A newfound courage, a serene peace

“Maybe I needed this,
To learn to not depend,
Thank you for leaving me

I know now where to head,
I will fly so high, with a smile plastered on my face,
You will yearn for me, I will not return

I will touch the skies, and kiss the sun,
I will twinkle like a star,
I know what I deserve

This transition has been a wonderful journey,
It will stay with me forever,
I thank you for everything, I have truly evolved

Would never have been possible without all of you,
I believe in me, I don’t claim to be sorted,
I can face it all and still not lose myself

It hurts me to say goodbye,
But it was meant to be,
I hope we can be together someday when you find your way to me

Until then I will live,
I will succeed,
With a smile plastered on my face.”



P.s- u can read my previous poem here ... yes i write poems... when i really feel deeply about something.. some of them are too personal to publish.. anyway see you next time..

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