Monday, February 7, 2011

Kalaghoda 2011

Sunday, I went to the most awaited art festival of Mumbai - the Kalaghoda Art Festival. Its a 9 day long festival where artists, artisans, craftsmen, musicians, dancers, actors, authors, photographers, sculptors, etc come under one roof to parade their skills. It is a platform for new talent. A myriad of workshops are held in and around the festival, by the professionals of the industry, to help budding talent. The avalanche of creativity during this festival is truly phenomenal. Especially the gigantic art installations by various artists are always a treat to the naked eye. Here is a glimpse of the festival. Be there to believe it!

Kalaghoda : Literally The Black Horse

Kalaghoda festival also summons various forms of fashion. A major part of it being Hippie ! 

Spotted: Sonu of Fashion Bombay 
(Unfortunately some of the photographs aren't very clear since they were clicked from by Blackberry)
(Photos by: Heta Bhuta, Vidhi Doshi, Ishani Tolia)

Personally, I liked the festival better last year - the stalls as well as the installations. But for those who haven't been there yet, its definitely worth your while! 

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Enjoy the fest!



Vintage Obsession said...

Have hear so much about this festival ,looks like it was a lot of fun

Heta Bhuta said...

It definitely was!!! :)