Friday, June 18, 2010

MJ Photoshoot!!

Finally got down to editing the pictures of MJ Shoot!! It was a low low budget shoot + am just an amateur so please forgive any faux pas! The garments are up for sale!
(Might wanna click on the images for larger view!!)

Garments by H+I (Heta Bhuta and Ishani Tolia)

Models: Irfan Fafoo, Bijal Sharma, Katrina
Make up: Shraddha Lotlikar
Photography: Again, Vidhi Doshi, my luv!!
Styling: H+I
Photo-editing: Heta Bhuta



Mehul Botadra said...

Last 4 pics are freaking awesome!! :D

Anonymous said...

dude wen did u do this...i havnt seen this only ya...its freaking awesome except that u cant see d clothes so much....ull shud hav put thoda light on d clothes cos d photoshoot was for ur clothes na not a brand or sumthin but still d pics r bloody awesome ...:):):):)