Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Moment is Waiting

Its a calm day... after a long time.. So best option - to share something that takes me to my serene land every time I watch it - Your moment is Waiting - the latest ad film for Kerala tourism. It is a magical film that makes you drift away to the tranquil heaven in India.

The ad film was conceptualized and made a reality by the Vodafone Zoozoo fame director Prakash Varma who has been handling Kerala tourism brand promotion. Featuring upcoming international model Miriam Ilorah along with the soulful music this ad gives an exotic feel.

The film is part of an integrated campaign, kicking off in the U.K. incorporating advertising, public relations activity and social media components. In what is deemed to be another first for a destination board, Kerala Tourism is also targeting iPad users with an in-application advertising campaign.

This ad is highly intense and trance-like, the deep philosophical visuals form an eerie and supernatural mood. I am not sure how many would actually want to visit God's own country after watching certain haunting images in the film. Nonetheless it is an extremely visually appealing film and a treat to the senses.

For me, this film is a piece of art, open to individual interpretation. Personally, I am in love with it !


Neeraj said...

I was born in this "Gods own country".

Salsa classes in Mumbai said...

Hey are you a student?

Some one sent me link to your blog. We should talk about this after the next class :)

Heta Bhuta said...

Hi.. actually i m not.. glad u read my blog :) will be happy to help with anythin.. let me know :)