Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lady Dexter

I've been watching this soap - Dexter (No, not Dexter's laboratory! I love that too btw!) Anyway, Dexter is about this Blood Splatter Analyst who turns into a psychotic killer by night.. but kills only the Bad Guys who the cops can't catch ! Cool eh ?

I was very inspired to do this collage - What if I was Lady Dexter ?
Welcome to Polyvore!
I'd wear this heavenly Versace patent leather strapless dress - which gives me the confidence to rule the world !! 
I'd team it with THE McQueen Jacket
John Lewis Hat and Ray-Ban Black Club Master glasses would be an essential to hide my true identity ! 
I'd put on my DSQUARED Ring and Chain Gloves during the act 
A Michael Kors gold-plated stainless steel watch keeps me on my schedule !
These beautiful Gina Shoes for my flight ! 
And finally black lipstick and Max and Chloe Lionette Venus Necklace adds a touch of Sexy to the Murder !


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
i love ur bloggggg bumble beeee
awww its sooo cute
except i think u wudnt b able to run in those pumps but i can sooo totallyyyyy imagine u runnin in those heels wearing exactly everything u described and trying to kill sumone wid a handbag (which u hav missed) hahaha ....n also yelling at d same time
wowww i can imagine d whole pic
i miss u sooo much
wheres the entertainment in my liffeee:(:(:(:(
oo my bunble bee i miss u and everyone else
i think i shud stop writin b4 ppl start thinkin im a u sweetheart xoxoxoxox
a few mistakes in d previous 1 lol

Heta Bhuta said...

Anokhiii !!! Hahaha u r my sweetheart n u knw it !! :D N yes thank u 4 pointing out I missed out a hand bag where I can stuff my blades !!! ;) What would I choose? Obviously the classic LV !!

Luv all ur comments noks ! Keep readin !



lady sélénite said...

HOOooo, bloody and scary !

Judy said...

the McQueen jacket is to die for- I covet!!


Heta Bhuta said...

Absolutely !! :D