Friday, January 30, 2015

Love birds

Sweet summer melodies
Fresh gush of wind
They fluttered their way
Through colorful flower beds

He looked into her eyes
He said, "You're mine",
They were swept away
Into the silent symphony

"Nothing else exists
But you and me to infinity"
She was blinded by love
Too intense, too deep

She kept up with the speed
She led herself to believe
This roller coaster of tears
Was worth being strapped in

When the violent storm hit
They fell through
What they once thought was love
Was but branded mockery

Here she is
With a broken wing
Picking up her feathers
Muted screams

What once was
Is now in ashes
A glorified romance
Of combustible loyalty

He said, "You're mine,
You and me to infinity",
To another and many others
The same song, the same speech

Yesterday they choked
Yesterday they cried
Without each other
They didn't feel alive

Today she chokes
Today she cries
He's with another
More than just alive

With broken wings,
She awaits departure
To the moment of surrender
But never back to him

Hidden deep within
In her fortress of mistrust
She refuses to let anyone in
Until she heals

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