Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sony Vaio Ad Campaign 2011

Ladies and gentlemen.. Here's presenting my biggest styling project so far! The 2011 Sony Vaio laptop ad campaign with Kareena Kapoor! Check out the behind the scenes images from the print + TVC campaigns. :)

And here's the TV commercial <3 

The Making:
Pause at 0:15 and 0:35 to catch a glimpse of 'moi' :) 

Yes, I am awesome! I was born with it!  
Special thanks to Kavita Lakhani, Consulting Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar, India, for giving me this amazing opportunity. I wil never forget this! :) 

Additional images off the net: 

P.s- I have news! For anyone who gives a damn. But will keep that for next time :) Aaah... this is when the happy period starts! <3 

Until next time, 



Anonymous said...

Can u please post the one in which Kareena wears little pink frock? That's the most appealing and sexy of this ad.

Anonymous said...

Wow Heta, Congrats!! This is awesome.. I love the one in the red dress and also the hairdo in the black one - very futuristic.

Anonymous said...

Almost all the looks have been imitated from that of the character called Sloan on American TV series Sloan. Good work!

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