Friday, December 4, 2009

Wish it lasts FOREVER...

It is time… The gates slowly open... Endless pairs of stilettos begin to pour in. Pushing and pulling, begging and stealing, borrowing and running away with it… Sounds familiar? Yup it’s a SALE!! Not just any sale, the grand FOREVER NEW SALE!! That’s right!! This was one of those sales that you can just not afford to miss. Discounts were as high as 70% !! If you shop above Rs.5,000(which by the way believe me you will) you get to pick a garment of any value abso-f*in-lutely free!! After over two hours of satisfactory (and a little vindictive) shopping we earnestly rejoiced our steals!! It was the most perfect shopping experience ever!! Forever New is one of those brands you thank God for.
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Anyway, later in the day me and my friend/my first blog model – Ishani got together and had a fun photo shoot. We used one skirt, which we call - “The A3 Skirt” – Anytime, Anywhere, Any how ;) , and teamed it up with a lot of interesting things. Check it out..


1) Transform you look from lunch with the girls to dinner date within seconds!!

(Vintage bag, Satya Paul miniaudier, thrift buys..Bags are the way to go...)

2) Interview at your favourite fashion magazine? Shopping afterward?

(Look 1 - Try checkered shirt with a different shade of checkered bag and a neutral formal skirt for your secret
successful interview;)
Look 2 - Make the look more relaxed by adding a knit jacket and flats,
Look 3 - Diesel aviators work wonders with the layered look..make a statement with the Prada Bag to a fun
evening at the mall!! )

3) Good old Hippie Days!! :)

(Green scarf draped as a top, wall hanging used as head band)

4) New in town? The perfect Sight-seeing spirit!!!

( The brown and gold skull bag is a perfect fit for the funky golden shoes - very comfortable
while sightseeing)

5) The Boss's Wife called... She is very very angry ;)

(A polka waist-coat mixed with a vintage floral scarf worn as a tie give you "that look you always

6) Anyone's seen the Runaway Bride?


Anonymous said...

its ok..the concepts gr8 the skirt i love obviously coz i bought it.... but still dont like my pictures...ew...i am not photogenic...lets all believe that...ishani

Anonymous said...

amazing styling and brilliant photography !!!

Anonymous said...

Really good bhuta!!!!the runaway bride thing cud have been better..but otherwise liked it very much..:)